…what it takes to implement the SOARS framework?


Here’s what you can do to implement the SOARS framework:


Make sure your students download the Advocatr™ app to their smartphones. If they don’t have a smartphone, make sure they know how to access the Advocatr™ website. Use the instructional activities and videos to teach your students what the app does, why reporting safety concerns is important, and what advocacy and self-advocacy mean.


Use the instructional activities and videos to teach your students about restorative practices: what they are, where they came from, and how they can help in school and real life.


Encourage your students to participate in the school-wide safety campaign to raise awareness of school safety and to encourage use of the Advocatr™ app. Check in with your students to see if they are aware of the campaign and tell them why they might consider becoming a part of it.


Check out the on-line resources. Go to the Advocatr™ website and click on Teachers. There are a number of “Did-you-know” briefs that provide information about physical and emotional safety, how lack of safety affects students’ learning, and what restorative practices are.

Check in with the SOARS coordinator to see what kind of safety concerns your students have, what kind of prosocial behaviors they notice, and if students participate in restorative resolutions. Celebrate your students’ advocacy and self-advocacy. Tell them that you are proud of their efforts to keep their school safe and to stand up for themselves and others.