ADVOCATR™ is a school safety tool. With this resource students can bring school-wide attention to activities and events that make them feel safe, happy, and stress-free at school. Students can also use ADVOCATR™ to communicate confidentially with trusted adults about negative experiences that affect their safety. Using restorative practices, students and adults can then work together to resolve problems before they become serious safety concerns.

ADVOCATR™ is a component of a school-wide safety framework called SOARS (Student Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility for School Safety). In addition to ADVOCATR™, the SOARS framework includes educational resources such as a classroom curriculum, informational videos, and student leadership materials for supporting student-led safety campaigns.

Project SOARS is funded through a 5-year cooperative agreement with the Department of Justice/National Institute of Justice (Award # 2015-MU-MU-K003). The project represents a collaboration among several institutions: The University of Oregon and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill carry out development activities and conduct research activities with the collaboration of school district implementation partners in Oregon and Illinois; IEQ Technology in Springfield, Oregon built the Advocatr™ app and website; Trifoia in Eugene, Oregon produced videos and is responsible for grant administration; and Influents Innovations provided instructional design.

SOARS/ADVOCATR™ Collaborators

University of Oregon
  • Claudia Vincent, Principal Investigator
  • Hill Walker, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Chris Murray, Co-Principal Investigator
  • Brion Marquez, Independent Consultant
  • Rita Svanks, Project Coordinator
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Dorothy Espelage, Principal Investigator
  • Laura Koritz, Project Coordinator
  • Jennifer Heinhorst, Project Coordinator
Oregon School District
  • TBD
Illinois School Districts
  • TBD
IEQ Technology
  • Tim Wooley, President/Owner
  • Nic Kauffmann, Project Manager
  • Jordan Pennefather, Principal Investigator
  • Widya Mak, Project Coordinator
  • Laura Strobel, Video Production
Influents Innovations
  • Jessie Marquez, Instructional Designer
  • Natasha Compton, Project Coordinator

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