…that advocacy and self-advocacy are important skills?


It’s important for students to succeed in academics so that they can be successful in their lives after school.

It’s also important for students to learn how to advocate for themselves and others.

In addition to speaking up when something is wrong, it is equally important to speak up when you see others doing the right thing.

Speaking up when something is wrong can be challenging and scary. However, when students feel unsafe because they are bullied or harassed in school, their academic work suffers.

Speaking up when something is right is something many forget to do we often think that someone else will take care of it.

Project SOARS (Student Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for school Safety) gives students tools like the Advocatr™ app. Advocatr™ helps students to make their voices heard. It gives students a quick method to leet the adults in their school know when something is wrong, and when something is right. It makes it easier for student to advocate for their own and for other’s safety. It allows students to promote a positive school climate, where acts of kindness are recognized.