…what restorative practices are?


Restorative practices are things you and your teachers can do so that if someone gets into trouble they have a chance to make things right. When someone gets into trouble, there are two ways things can be handled. School staff can ask typical discipline questions or school staff and students involved can ask restorative questions.


The typical discipline questions are about people following school rules.

The restorative questions are about finding out

  • all sides to a story. All sides need to be heard.
  • who was affected by what happened and how they were affected by it.
  • what the person who did the harm needs to do to make it up to the person who was harmed and anyone else who was affected.

For example, it could be that someone spread a rumor, and the person who was harmed wants an apology, or an announcement that a rumor was false. The point is that restorative practices try to repair relationships so that everyone can move on without people being kicked out of class or out of school.