…the difference between snitching and reporting?


Snitching is...

Telling an adult about something that doesn't cause harm to you or others.

Telling an adult something about someone that doesn't cause harm but is possibly embarrassing.

To get someone else in trouble and make yourself look good by comparison.

It can be mean or selfish.


You see someone picking up a penny that someone had dropped on the floor. You tell the principal and say that you would turn in any found money because it's just the right thing to do.

You see someone using snapchat during class and you are telling the principal to show that you know the rules and they do not.

Reporting is...

Telling an adult about something that causes harm to you or someone else, or something that is likely to cause harm in the future

To protect yourself, others, and the school community

It shows advocacy, responsibility and integrity.


You see someone being bullied in the hallway. You report it because you know that the person being bullied is hurting.

You have noticed that your friend is really depressed lately. You are reporting it because you want to make sure your friend gets help.